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Application Form

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Welcome to the Ecology Recruitment page.

First and foremost, please check our recruitment status on the right side of the page. It is updated weekly. Please note if your class is not listed, don't be discouraged from applying, but be aware that your application may be declined on grounds of unavailability.

Potential Applicants are dealt with in three steps.

1. The Application Form must be completed in full.

2. If you are successful with your initial written application, you will be contacted and given terms of joining. If you accept these you will be asked to transfer as soon as possible.

Some form of mythic experience, whether it be in this expansion or in previous ones, is expected of our applicants. You stand next to no chance of being accepted for a trial without it.

You must be prepared to raid at a high level. There will be long hours during progression, there will be extra 'homework' and there most definetly will be criticism (as well as praise!). If you work hard for your spot, you will be justly rewarded. We will accept nothing less than your best.

If you still wish to apply for a spot in our roster, please answer the following questions in full.

First Name.
Age & Gender
WoW Armory Link of character(s) you wish to apply with. Also include the info about your relevant alt characters.
Link to your logs (WoL / Warcraft Logs or similar) - Do not bother applying unless you have these available. (Unless you have been told too)
A screenshot link of your UI (preferably in a raid environment)
Explain your talent choice on a situational basis
Provide a brief explanation of your rotation, including opening sequence.
What raiding addons do you use?
Tell us about your World of Warcraft raiding experience. How do you feel you have developed as a player during this period?
If we are not in need of your class, would you be interested in re rolling to suit our needs, if so what classes do you prefer and how well do you play them, any logs?
We raid 20:00-00:00 on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon, At the start of a new tier/expansion we will be doing a '2 week push' rading 7 days a week for 2 weeks before going back to our usual 4 days schedule. Would this be a problem for you? Are there any days you can NEVER raid? Failure to mention any details here that later become apparent can result in termination of trial.
We take PTR and Beta very seriously to get ahead on new content, while Beta is often on an invite basis, PTR is available to everyone and all raiders are expected to be able to join PTR raids, is this an issue for you?
List previous guilds and why you left each one.
Provide your Computer Specs and summarize your Internet connection.
Do you know anyone currently in the guild?
Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision? (Hint: Sell yourself to us)
Your contact info:
Thank you for your application.

You will be notified in due course via the website or in-game if your application has been successful.

We wish you good luck!

The Ecology Team.
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